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3 min readDec 2, 2022

The early beginnings of Web3 centered around creating a fair and balanced financial system for everyone. This has extended to creators as well, as Web3 creates new economies of fairness for creators looking for alternative ways to market their brand.

The early beginnings of Web3 centered around creating a fair and balanced financial system for everyone

Web3 allows creators to take charge, using new forms of media networking to better serve their long term sustainability. From earnings, distribution, engagement, production and more, Web3 allows a completely new way for creators to create and earn from their hard work.

Here are some of the advantages the Web3 Creator Economy has over the Traditional Creator Economy:


Production: Traditional forms of media can be produced in new and exciting ways. Creators can use NFT and blockchain technology to create value and verifiability in the products they sell.

Distribution: Web3 economies have new and exciting ways that artists can distribute their work. Web3 is known for its strong communities, and the process of selling and distributing work is improved by the speed and low-cost of utilizing blockchain.

Curation: Web3 has new platforms in which creators can sell and exhibit their work. Virtual exhibits in the metaverse is one example. Creators that use NFT to help sell their work can utilize certain selling platforms to reach a wider audience.


Messaging: The ability for a creators’ audience to engage with them is helped by web3. Web3 allows creators to be more independent without losing revenue. Creators can use social media and web3 platforms to communicate and share with their fans in new and exciting ways.

Governance: Buyers will be more motivated to invest in web3 because of the benefits ownership grants to them. Before, when a creator sold their product, the transaction was over. Now, web3 investors can earn governance and community voting access by owning NFT from certain collections, as well as additional benefits and airdrops.

Earnings: Just like in the banking sector, Web3 creates more equitable markets where creators get a bigger piece of the pie. Additionally, certain NFT will provide increased earnings for the creator every time it is resold, creating long lasting royalty earnings instead of a one time earning when its initially sold.

Social Tokens: Web3 communities often use social tokens to drive engagement and reward positive community contribution. This creates new economies that provide better ways for fans and investors to buy and trade, increasing sales while positively building community engagement.


Web3 improves the two key aspects of creating a successful brand. First, it creates new forms of content, allowing artists and digital creators to use new mediums to expand their reach. Second, Web3 communities offer new platforms and ways for artists to communicate, market, and get feedback, in ways that benefit both the creator and their fans.

Pikasso’s No-code NFT infrastructure allows anyone to easily enter the Web3 market, regardless of their technical expertise. The logistics of minting thousands of NFT, creating new collections, and marketing them can take precious time creators need for being creative. Creators wanting the advantages of entering the Web3 market without the headaches of completely overhauling their process of production, can use the Pikasso platform as their portal to the web3 creator economy.

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Pikasso is a firebase infrastructure for NFT apps and games, creating an easier way for projects to create NFT, all on low-cost layer-2 ecosystems. Pikasso saves users the time needed by using a no-code platform to create NFT, with an improved UX/UI, and marketplace generator for each NFT project, all while bridging the gap between web2 and web3 content.

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