The Top 10 NFT Podcasts and Blogs to Follow in 2022

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4 min readDec 6, 2022

NFT continue to be one of the more confusing aspects of crypto culture. Many don’t fully understand their utility, with blue-chip NFT collections like Bored Ape and CryptoPunks dominating the news. Truth is the evolution of NFT has just begun, and although it’s an established technology in the digital art and game space, NFT continue to be used in a variety of new and exciting applications that have nothing to do with art.

NFT continue to be one of the more confusing aspects of crypto culture.

With so many question marks around the future of NFT tech, many feel confused as to where to

start, and what projects bring the most benefits to its holders. Not to worry, as NFT have gone mainstream, so has NFT reporting and journalism. It’s never been a ;\better time to get into the market with many new exciting projects just out this year, and on the horizon. For those looking to sift through the noise and learn more about this ever expanding market, there are a number of leading podcasts and blogs that cover all the latest industry trends.

Let’s check out the top 5 blogs and top 5 podcasts currently leading the way!

Top 5 NFT Blogs

CoinDesk NFT: One of the most trusted websites for digital currencies, coin desk has accurate and timely information that any NFT enthusiast should follow. Here you can find a multitude of information regarding many aspects of NFT including broad market trends, NFT gaming and more.

OpeanSea Blog: OpenSea is THE marketplace for NFT. The leading global NFT marketplace offers a wide range of information, including education and terminology basics for beginners, as well as more advanced technical analysis for NFT veterans.

NFTically: This blog is a great place for artists looking to enter the NFT market. The blog has a solid community of NFT vets that provide excellent instructional material for beginners.

NFTevening: This leading NFT news source has four main sections: Guides, Features, News, and a Calendar. This blog has many interviews with leading creators and devs working in NFT, and covers every aspect of NFT from gaming, collectibles, art, and the Metaverse.

IncubateX: This platform mainly serves as a tech incubator for new and promising NFT projects, but don’t be fooled, they have an excellent blog with some of the best NFT content on the web.

Top 5 NFT Podcasts

The Nifty Show: This podcast has many top artists and pioneers in NFT on the show, and is one of the earliest podcasts to discuss NFT at length. The show features two hosts who discuss the industry along with the most recent NFT news.

NFT Talk Show: One of the more diverse NFT podcasts, NFT Talk Show has both creators and collectors as guests, who discuss the recent trends in the space. The show discusses every aspect of NFT including the latest news and leading projects, the “tea about NFTs” as they put it.

NFT Catcher: This podcast is for the more advanced NFT enthusiasts, and those serious about NFT as a form of investment. The duo focuses mostly on market trends and how to make a profit investing in NFT.

Two Bored Apes: This podcast is one of the longer form NFT podcasts out there, but also one of the most liked. Led by Jamie Musings and Zeneca, this duo focuses on all things NFT, including NFT investing, and is a good source of information for under the radar projects that are about to pop!

NFTs for Newbies: Led by Heather Parady and Rich Cardona, this podcast is for beginners who want to get into NFT but don’t fully understand the industry and technology. The pair comes from a more broad background, producing podcasts on mental health, entrepreneurship and other subjects outside of their NFT podcast. They discuss the broad concepts and philosophies behind NFT without being overly technical.


Due to the short history of NFT, finding the best source of information and news can be difficult. NFT holders, creators and everyone interested in the future of NFT development needs to find the best new media resources to understand both the macro and micro elements of the sector.

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