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3 min readNov 28, 2022

It’s that time again, welcome back to NFT Weekly News, where we go over the most viral, important and interesting stories happening in NFT right now!

Welcome back to NFT Weekly News, where we go over the most viral, important and interesting stories happening in NFT right now!

VoxelCrazyHeads Brings Metaspace Game to Life with NFT

Veronika Varkova, NFT enthusiast and game developer, is bringing the real world into the Metaverse with VoxelCrazyHeads NFT collection. The collection, which has 10,000 avatar NFT, looks to transform real physical spaces into digital experiences. Each NFT is a unique avatar head, which will become a 3D avatar post mint, allowing owners access to the Metaspace.game platform. Metaspace is an open metaverse where players can complete quests and explore.

VoxelCrazyHeads Brings Metaspace Game to Life with NFT

Though there will be exclusive virtual items for sale, the project focuses on bringing real world spaces and items into the Metaverse, allowing players to interact with, buy, sell and trade the real world item in the virtual world. Players can shop real world items, real estate and more, and once purchased in the metaverse, the real world item represented in the Metaverse will be delivered to the buyer in real life. Focused on reinventing how we shop, bank, socialize, train and communicate, the project looks to blend both VR and AR technology to create real world value through Metaverse interactivity.

The Economics of NFT Memes

Everyone loves a good meme. In a way, they have become a new form of communication and socialization. Some are globally popular, others are niche for certain countries and cultures. With the rise of NFT and NFT tech, minting popular memes into NFT has become a popular trend. Though the majority of NFT market themselves as digital art, buyers are looking to NFT memes as a way to own a part of cultural history. If you are the meme’s original creator, you can sell it for a profit without any copyright issues, linking the original photo to an NFT. The history of memes is diverse and ever changing, and many look at the NFT as a way to purchase a piece of popular culture. Many NFT meme’s have sold for exorbitant amounts, including the Nyan Cat memes which sold for 300 ETH and the original Doge meme photo of Shiba Inu Kabosu selling for $4 million. As the NFT market fluctuates as it copes with the current bear cycle, many are wondering about the future of NFT meme’s, although one thing is certain, our love of memes isn’t dying anytime soon.

Pablo Stanley Launches Anticipated Humankind NFT Collection

Pablo Stanely, who became one of the most famous artists in the NFT space from his Robotos NFT collection, is launching his new collection, Humankind. The collection will feature 10k unique black and white NFT, focusing on pushing storytelling by NFT. Stanley looks to develop the NFT creative space through his Humankind project, which has two divisions; Humankind Studios and The Humankind Foundation. Humankind studios produces original media like tv, comics, video games and animations, and focuses on using the power of Web3 to empower creators to bring new types of art and storytelling to the NFT market and Web3. Holding a Humankind NFT grants holders special privileges including support to HK studio and early access to future projects.

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