Pikassolistic: Pikasso Ambassador Program

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2 min readNov 17, 2022

Do you have any talents, ideas, resources or abilities that stand out within the Pikasso community? Get ready for the Pikasso ambassador program!⚡️
Currently, there are 3 roles within the Pikassolistic program:

Pikassolistic: Pikasso Ambassador Program
  • General MOD
  • NFT Consultant
  • Market Researcher

General MOD: General moderators are the glue that hold the community together. Mods will be responsible for maintaining the communities regulations, integrity and values, by making sure all community members are following community guidelines.

NFT consultants: Assist the team to educate users/newbie to mint, trade, or sell NFT. (Requirements: own any NFT, experienced in minting, buying/selling NFT on any platforms.)

Market Researcher: Researchers will be the ones who will help to educate the community about crypto and update the latest news in the crypto market by posting news related to NFT, Web3, crypto, etc. Researchers are expected to introduce our project to other similar projects and by doing so, would be required to promote our activities and all of our content on the various social media platforms!

🏆 Rewards

  • Whitelist tickets to Pikasso NFTs listing Projects (Premint, Presales, and Listing).
  • All day, everyday knowledge about crypto, blockchain technologies, and NFT.
  • Connections with leading industry experts.
  • Recognition on Pikasso Social Media and Websites.

🥇 Benefits

Working as a Pikassolistic not only helps foster our amazing community and grow the brand, but has real world benefits including:

  • Network opportunities with respected experts in the web3 field
  • Work directly with the Pikasso team
  • Opportunities to work on multiple projects in a variety of applications
  • Help shape the future trajectory of the project

How to apply: ▶️ https://airtable.com/shrgNo7wJRQcNCjVo

About Pikasso

Pikasso is a firebase infrastructure for NFT apps and games, creating an easier way for projects to create NFT, all on low-cost layer-2 ecosystems. Pikasso saves users the time needed by using a no-code platform to create NFT, with an improved UX/UI, and marketplace generator for each NFT project, all while bridging the gap between web2 and web3 content.

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